⎈ Kepler API v1.2 • ETH Defense AMM avaialble

the building blocks for institutional digital asset management

Kepler is removing the barriers to wide-scale crypto wealth management and powering the full trade lifecycle by connecting crypto-friendly banking, global exchanges, custodians and compliance monitoring tools via a single UI and API.

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For IFAs

Aggregate all of your portfolios and exchange  accounts into one platform. Set up programmable strategies with automated rebalancing and fee accruel.

For Family Offices

Access better pricing and deeper liquidity, with carefully controlled counterparty risk management.

For Hedge Funds

Let us do the heavy lifting. Integrate with our ultra low-latency APIs for fully automated trade lifecycle mangement.

Full Trade Lifecycle Services

A new foundation for a crypto trading ecosystem

Build on top of Kepler's modular infrastructure to launch new investing and advisory products for crypto.

White label for brokers

Trading platform (UI / API)

Portfolio and settlement tools

Order management

Second generation smart order routing

An advanced suite of order execution algorithms that routes more efficiently than anything else on the market.

Cross-market liquidity

Low trading fees

Reduced counterparty risk

Programmable Trading Strategies

Intelligent asset allocation for risk-adjusted returns

For investors who seek sophisticated on/off ramp and market protection on their investments, Kepler offers a series of investment strategies, including Automated Market Making and Thematic Indicies, as well as spot-only trading.

Dynamic rebalancing

Optimised liquidity gain

High-volume trading

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