Crypto custody and investment technology, powered by APIs

Risk-adjusted returns
Intelligent asset allocation
Automated mangement

Run your own adviser platform, or quickly launch a new investment proposition. Our cutting-edge software and APIs can help you diversify traditional portfolios into digital assets and deploy customised automated trading strategies.

Strategy Builder

Efficient portfolio building tools with intelligent asset allocation

Defense strategies

For investors who demand downside protection to their investments and are willing to forego some upside in exchange, Kepler Defense strategies offer reduced drawdowns in times of volatility and more predictable returns.

Directional strategies

Build diversified strategies based on your client's investment objectives. You can use Kepler's preset themes or create a basket of individual tokens yourself.
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Crypto Trader

Abstract crypto complexitiy with automated portfolio management

Our vertically integrated solution lets you seamlessly manage custom crypto portfolios, from fractionalising and consolidating orders, automating trades and fee accrual, to programmatically rebalancing based on your requirements.

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Portfolio Manager

Streamline your client experience with a seamless digital platform

Admin platform

Kepler gives you the ability to customise and monitor client portfolios in realtime enabling you to go into client meetings with confidence.

Client app

Our robust self-directed mobile experience enables your clients to get a clear view of their wealth with portfolio analysis, strategy and asset breakdowns.
Inbox user interface

Your automated investing tools

Everything you need to run your adviser or D2C investment platform

Sophisticated strategies

Construct your own models with our custom model portfolio builder, or select from a number of expert-built curated portfolios that work for you.


Customize asset allocation based on client risk tolerance, time horizon, and objectives.

Automated rebalancing

Keep portfolios on target with opportunistic, always-on rebalancing so your clients never have to worry about a missed opportunity.

Integrated onboarding

Digitally onboard your clients, complete comprehensive KYC and security checks and set custom onboarding questions to cover risk and suitability, all whilst maintaining a high level of conversion throughout the process.

Compliant all the way

We built our platform with regulatory guidance from the get-go. We work with regulators to make sure our app is reducing risk for crypto where possible.

Genuinely API first

Our API isn’t an afterthought – it’s the driver of all of our technology. Get in touch for access to our API reference and quickstart guides to see it first hand.

Onboard capital in seconds

We support all types of bank transfers, including BACS, CHAPS, Direct Debits, and Faster Payments. This means you can offer your users a wide range of options to work best for them and for your business.

Perfomance insights

Get a detailed breakdown on just how your investments have performed, and see how our technology is working to save you more.

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Kepler for individual investors

Access our institutional-grade investment management product to help you build fully-automated crypto strategies personalised to your objectives.

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